These are the 4 skills you’ll need in a digitalized workplace

Ploy Jatukanyaprateep has an impressive background that includes an MBA in marketing and finance from the Kellogg School of Management—and running the occasional marathon. We asked for her tips on “digitization” based on her four-month experience managing a new form of highly targeted online marketing dtac uses to serve customers the most relevant offers possible.


1. Keep up with change

“You have to be open to new things, new trends. You have to look at the behaviors of younger consumers and understand them. People’s behaviors have changed a lot in the past few years. They don’t just check facebook and chat on LINE. As people change, your products and services need to change too. People are ready to do much more advanced things online now, like banking or changing their mobile phone provider.”


2. Simplify

“We’re always looking to improve what’s called the customer journey, which is the process by which a customer can sign up for a dtac post-paid sim and receive their new phone. That process involved filling out a really long form, printing it, photocopying your ID, signing it, scanning it and uploading it to the web, getting two different pins sent on your phone and then going online to manually input discount code and purchase the phone. In our new process, you just snap a picture of your ID, fill out a few details and we pretty much handle the rest. The phone is then delivered to your house. The old process was so difficult we had four times the number of drop-offs we have now.”

“If we want the company to digitize, people have to realize the processes they’ve been following for 10 years are going to change.”

3. Reach Beyond Your Department

“You can’t operate in a silo to transform the old way of doing things. For example, the call center has been amazing in supporting our program. Even though our process is simpler on the customer end, we don’t yet have a digitized back-end system to support our more simplified customer journey. As a result, much of the work has been passed on to the call center. Not only were they willing to support our new process, they even took initiative to develop BOTs [automated  that help to reduce manual work on their end.. That’s their mindset. If we want the company to digitize, people have to realize the processes they’ve been following for 10 years are going to change.”


4. Measure and Adapt

“We measure performance from beginning to end. At each step of the customer journey, we measure the drop-off. And if something doesn’t work, we kill it off quickly and pivot. We are continually strengthening our analytics, and dtac now has dedicated team of data scientists. There’s still a lot we want to do, like strengthening our predictive models so we can further customize offers and increase conversion rate. . That way, we can better target the message.”

“If we all sit down together, we can change all this, but it means we’ll need the help of many departments throughout the company. You can’t digitize on your own.”

aDSC_1345 (Large).jpg

About Ploy Jatukanyaprateep

Rather than bombard internet users indiscriminately with promos, Ploy’s team develops ads that capture customers at critical moments (for example, when they are doing research on changing operators) and with offers particularly suited to them. After all, a first-jobber who follows beauty blogs, for example, won’t be drawn to the same phone as a middle-aged football fan. 


Author: Gregoire Luc Glachant


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