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These base towers are so practical and beautiful, you’re going to want one in your backyard

When you travel out to the countryside, have you ever noticed that the sight of cell sites doesn’t seem to fit with the surrounding scenery? This has been quite a big problem when making requests to set up cell sites in some areas. dtac has been working hard to solve this issue as to better serve clients’ needs.

In this regard, Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer, shared his view that “dtac wishes to introduce cell sites that are specially designed to better respond to our modern lifestyle which is more dynamic, tech-savvy, and connected 24 hours a day.”

This new concept derived from the problem in cell site expansion. Cell site is considered as something that destroys the natural scenery. For this reason, the expansion of cell sites thus takes longer time than expected, resulting in the quality of mobile signal in some particular areas. To cope with this problem, dtac has initiated several cell site concepts such as ‘Zero Site’ – cell site that is equipped with LED lamp; or ‘City Site’ and ‘Camouflaged Tower’ which are specially designed to make them fit with the surrounding environment. All of these sites not only enhance users’ experience but also help develop, conserve and lift up the quality of life of both city and community people at the same time.


Zero Site

Zero Site is initiated to expand high-speed internet signal like 4G into the areas which are in high demand for internet usage. It can also support future technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) at the same time. Meanwhile, the quality of life of people in the areas where cell sites are set up are also taken into account. Here comes the concept of cell site that is equipped with LED lamp to ensure safety to community people during the night time. The cell site with LED lamp can offer the bright light but can save electricity by 50-80%

City Site

In most major cities, we can usually spot huge size of billboards attached at the top of the cell sites. That is why ‘City Site’ is initiated as to make it fit with the city environment. City Site is equipped with interactive screen and it can be used as advertising billboard to air advertising spots on screen. It is also equipped with LED screen that can provide real-time weather report especially from cell site that is separately located, so it will be more beneficial to the city people.

Tree Pole

Not only we care for city people but we also want to make sure that dtac cell sites can work well in all areas where there are internet users, including forest areas in the countryside, forest parks or other natural attractions. Camouflaged Tower can work well to serve the needs of each particular areas as it fits well with surrounding environment. Meanwhile, it can effectively provide signal to all the surrounding communities, without destroying the natural view of the countryside.

These three innovative cell sites are dtac’s initiatives that are expected to help us achieve our cell sites expansion plan more smoothly and effectively. It also reduces the impact of cell sites on the community. This is another important step that dtac has taken and proud to present. Not only it helps us achieve our expansion plan but it also helps develop people’s quality of life.


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