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Most companies just talk about “self-disruption.” This is how dtac actually made it happen.

‘Philip’ Tuchaphong Chumsai Na Ayudhya, from dtac's Digital Group, always has a smile on his face. He brought us to the 36th floor of dtac, which has a great view of the city. We talked about his life and impressions throughout the two and a half years he spent at dtac, including his goal to turn dtac into the ultimate ‘digital brand.'

What is your role and what is the Digital Group all about?

Each person has different role in the Digital Group Department since each is assigned to an individual project. Some are responsible for the organization plan in order to catch up the industry pace. Some are in charge of sales channel development, cost savings, or other financial services apart from mobile phone ones.

Currently, I am in charge of the Line Mobile project, which is a collaboration between DTN and Line Thailand. The goal is to offer a superior digital mobile service experience to consumers, by integrating with the Line messenger application and making everything easily available online.

We used to pay our bills at the service center, but, however, it is not necessary these days. Consumer behavior has changed. People do not have to go to the mall for shopping. They can buy things online. Do not get me wrong. I am not saying that offline services are not important. Offline services are still very important, but we have added many things to push ourselves toward digital lifestyles.

Why is Transformation necessary? What will happen if we do not change?

The rise of startups and digital businesses has disrupted or intervened the traditional customers’ needs. The non-digital service is usually the first to be disrupted. For example, we do not have to go to the service center to pay our bills. We can do it on our mobile phones, which are amazing and can do loads of things. That is the reason why startups from many countries focus on the mobile phone platform, especially the big name startups such as Uber or Airbnb. Everything can be done on the mobile phone. Noticeably, at the moment, mobile phone and digital are the same thing. As an operator, we should move in that direction as well.

If we do not want to be disrupted, we must disrupt and change ourselves before others do that to us; otherwise, we have to run after them. I think we do not need to count on three and then change, but look forward to the next 5 to 10 years, so we will know what services to serve people and how to serve them. We can gradually change to reach toward that point. Everything I do today, I consider it as the ‘Transformation’.

“If we do not want to be disrupted, we must disrupt ourselves first”


What is the key attitude for change?

I think the first thing we must know is the benefit of change. For example, assume that we are looking at some financial procedures, instead of printing a thousand of sheets and slowly monitor them, we should be looking for helpers. We should create systems to help us easily work online. Presently, you must gradually change your stuffs from offline- to digital-ones on daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, because, finally, we want to be number one digital brand in Thailand. That is our mission. Therefore, everything we offer to customers, we must always think about how to transform ourselves to be more of digital.

How does the work atmosphere at dtac attract you?

I have worked in many organizations both in Thailand and abroad, but dtac is different. At dtac, everyone is always ready to help others. Everyone is enthusiastic. Nobody is sitting still or against the development. Everyone loves to be a giver. This kind of work atmosphere is great for new opportunities or chances to arise and suppresses the problematic conditions among colleagues. At other workplaces, you may find that somebody do not talk to this or that person or someone told others not to talk to him or her. At dtac, there is no such problem here.

Furthermore, there is no gap between boss and staff here. There is no partition to separate a CEO from employees. A CEO is working in the same environment as employees. You can talk to anyone. During the meeting, there is no seating assignment and this makes work move forward quickly. Everyone’s opinion is equally important. We all are moving forward together since we all wants to make good things happening at dtac.

This kind of work atmosphere is great for new opportunities or chances to arise.”


Which occasion does make the work atmosphere the liveliest?

Actually, there are many occasions, but the interesting one is when we came out to reach out to our customers. It happened in the early of my time here as we were promoting the launch of 4G services. All staff came out to visit customers, give them some advices, and collect the client feedbacks. Normally, people in sales department do all of these tasks, but, in that time, even an accountant also came to see customers. We thought we were owners of the product that our customers were using; therefore, whatever position you are in, you must contribute and we all are dtac. Another example is the Town Hall activity where we would gather around on the 32th or 38th floor for keeping up with the company’s work and update. As dtac being a big company, this activity creates opportunities and areas for people to get to know each other.

What is the unique organizational culture or work system at dtac?

One of the great things here is that we have flexible hours. Generally, we work from 8:30 to 17:30 hrs, but our human resources came up with the flexible working hours, allowing staff to come in late but have to work late to compensate the late hours, subject to the approval of their supervisors (laughing). I think it is a very good idea because everyone has different needs. Somebody do not want to be caught in the traffic around 8. They choose to leave their residences at 8:30 and get in the office around 9:15. This kind of thing seems to be a small issue, but, I consider it very vital to the employees.

How have you been feeling about working here for two and a half years?

I do not consider that I have been feeling special, but I have been having a good feeling everyday working here. I have a good feeling because I have worked with enthusiastic people who see the same picture as mine. In addition, we all want to do things better every day. No one is standing still. These are the reasons why I am feeling the best here.

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