:Dreamteam a day at dtac

They engineered the greatest surge in network capacity in dtac’s history. This is their story.

The Radio Network Planning and Optimization department is responsible for calling and data services. That includes your network signal, starting from the base station planning to complete installation and signal optimization. There are 16 staff responsible for Bangkok, Samut Prakan, Nonthaburi, and Pathum Thani areas. Today, their representatives are here with us to talk about the greatest task in their lifetime, the opportunity to serve the late King Rama IX for on last time.

To describe our job to an outsider, think of us the guys who keep the roads open.”

To describe our job to an outsider, think of us as the guys who keep the roads open. We just take care of an entire network and monitor the signal availability. If there is a signal, its strength must be good. If the strength is poor, we have to find out what causes the problem. For example, a big event with a large crowd can be compared to a heavy traffic full of vehicles. Cars have to move at speed. Our task is to make the road wider for better traffic with faster speed.

“Our work is based on dtac’s DNA.”

If you compare our unit to a human organ, I would like to say we’re the ‘heart,’ but other departments might not like it (laughing). Actually, we consider ourselves as the brain and the heart. Our work is based on dtac’s DNA, which are to be daring, think differently,  act fast and have passion to win. Not only, we try to beat out our competitors, but also have to win ourselves. Every organization has its own and unique core values, but, eventually, most of them aim to the same direction by constantly developing the organization, starting with human resources.


“Our work cannot be perfect.”

Our work cannot be perfect, but we always do our best under the practical conditions and restrictions that are the difficult part. It might need little adjustment until it reaches the optimal point under the limitations we have.

“Our mission regarding to the passing of King Rama IX last year was the biggest task ever in life for everyone in our team.”

Our mission regarding to the passing of King Rama IX last year was the biggest task ever in life for everyone in our team.  Normally, for a big event with large crowd, we always have a plan in place, but not for this one. We had not planned anything and there were large number of people coming to pay respects to the late King. The number were more than we could imagine. Mainly, we had to work as fast as possible to accommodate the wave of people. We had to think where we should put our base stations or small cell antennae. All dtac staff had to unite as one since our division alone could not get the job done. We worked closely with teams from Regional Network Operation, Implementation, and Inspector. During that time, more antennas were needed and there were 2 ways to implement: using mobile units and installing small cell sites. We brought all mobile units we had and then installed cell sites around Sanam Luang. But, for the Royal Cremation Ceremony this year, we have planned in advance, which is totally different from the previous year where people would gather around Sanam Luang. This time we believe people will spread around the outer areas. Therefore, the coverage area will be wider. Our goal for this crucial event is simple and that is all dtac customers, who attend the royal cremation ceremony, can use their mobile phones without any disruption.

“There have been many funny and creepy stories during work.”

There have been many funny and creepy stories during work. One spooky story was about the personal fear and had nothing to do with ghosts (laughing). As you know, there were many homeless people around Sanam Luang area. One night around 2 or 3 a.m. (laughing) on a small lane beside Mahathat Yuwaratrangsarit temple, two members of our team were performing a routine walk test in a spooky and quiet environment. They both would walk as fast as possible to get a job done. One of them shouted, “Do not run. Wait for me, man.” Suddenly, there was an old woman showing up from a truck parking beside the sidewalk. One of them ran quickly from the scene and hit the other guy, who were trying to be cool, resulting in him dropping of all the test devices all over the floor (laughing).

_MG_4760“We all are like brothers.”

Dreamteam in our definition is a team that all members work towards the same goal and we are just like that. We all help each other in everything we do. We all are like brothers. The good work atmosphere is very important to us. We come to work, as we love to work with people having similar attitudes, not only for the job but also for also other aspects. For example, we spent days and nights at Sanam Luang and had many good experiences together last year. It seemed like an old good time in college. Everything we had done as a team, it made a great companionship. It is always fun to work hard to achieve the same goal.

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