This award is proof good governance is good business

dtac just received the Thailand Sustainability Investment 2017, awarded by The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Here's why it matters.

“Sustainability” sounds like corporate jargon used to mitigate any negative impact business might have on the environment. But if you think of the world’s most innovative companies, like Tesla or Google, sustainability is actually at the heart of their mission.

Tesla’s motto is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy” by focusing on renewable energy. And the vision of the company is “to create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles.”

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, which sounds very much like the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals on education and equality.

At dtac, our mission is simply to empower societies. We believe providing affordable mobile services is key to Thailand 4.0 and to bridging the digital divide.

Thailand’s SET, too, has recognized that the world’s most innovative companies embed the philosophy of sustainability into their products and company’s culture. In response, it produces a list of companies with outstanding corporate sustainable development by selecting listed companies that have passed environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

dtac is a proud recipient of the SET’s Thailand Sustainability Investment 2017 award. The award was granted to 65 companies that passed the SET’s assessment criteria. Combined, they represent a total market capitalization of 9.1 trillion baht, further proof sustainability can no longer be ignored.

To pass the SET’s sustainability assessment, each participating firm must achieve scores of at least 50 percent in economic, social and environmental dimensions and further meet qualifications criteria. This year, additional criteria embrace business performance and governance aspects.

DTAC receives SET Thailand Sustainbility Investment 2017 award
For dtac, sustainability means going beyond responsible business, but also empowering societies.

Sustainability is not only responsible but it’s good business. In advanced economies, it’s becoming a given that investment targets should conform to ESG criteria. In Thailand, too, local asset management firms are eagerly supporting good corporate governance (CG) practices in the capital markets. A CG-focused fund has been launched, encouraging listed companies to develop good corporate governance practices. The concept has been steadily promoted and received widespread interest from global investors.

dtac is a leader in sustainability, in line with our own mission to empower societies. Our standards go well beyond what is required by the law.

dtac’s entire supply chain is fully audited as we believe our responsiblity extends beyond our employees but also to our business partners. We inspect suppliers to ensure they environmentally friendly materials and abide by labor regulations.

The dtac SmartFarmer project empowers farmers with Internet of Things technology and connected applications to increase yields and equip them with the latest information relevant to their field.

dtac’s anti-corruption policy extends much further than a simple “no bribes” rule, covering all forms of undue influence through gifts, sponsorships or donations. Some of these practices may be business as usual in Thailand, but dtac sees them as bad governance that exposes individuals and companies to risk.


The Thailand Sustainability Investment Award is a powerful reminder that dtac is not only doing the right thing, but that investors in Thailand also support companies with the highest governance standards.


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