:Dreamteam a day at dtac

These are the people who made the best customer rewards system in Thailand

dtac rewards hands out thousands of promotions, freebies and exclusive services to dtac customers each day. In one year, the team went from 3,000 partner stores to 25,000. But reaching that point wasn't easy.


a day takes you  backstage, to see the devotion of the dtac reward team, led by Khun Penpa-nga Suthimonthon, Vice President Loyalty & Partnership Market group, a leader who brought her team to share their experiences, challenges and passion for their work.

“We aim for a Happy Experience”

“dtac reward is a loyalty campaign, for both prepaid and monthly customers. Our goal is to make them happy. We had privileges on foods, drinks, entertainment at over 25,000 stores across the country. The membership is divided into Silver, Gold, and Blue because we have so many customers, we need to differentiate our offers. Post-paid clients prefer diversity. Pre-paid want ease of access. They want deals at chains that are available close to them, not just hip spots in Bangkok.”

“dtac reward goes beyond the shops”

“After you’ve secured a partnership with a store, there are details of what we call the ‘Customer Journey’: what we have to do to pass on these experiences to clients smoothly, without interruption, when they receive their privileges. That works with what we call a USSD system where one dials a series of numbers and symbols. Can you believe that last year, we had 3,000 partner stores, but today, we have 25,000 stores? We had to work really hard to provide each store an USSD account. We had to rely on strong teamwork and we had to act fast.”

“The most important thing is to believe you we can do it.”

“Our dtac reward team started from only three persons, and we gradually added more members to the team. What moved us forward until today is that we have seen the company’s goal clearly, the need to offer better digital services. We all focused on the same target and we believed that we can do it. We hit some obstacles but we showed unity and passion. It’s a team with a good attitude. We always say to, ‘There’s nothing we cannot do.’ In one year, we proved that we mean it. ”

“We always think about the benefits of dtac’s customers.”

“I used to work with many companies, but I have been working with dtac almost sevn years.  dtac is a great organization which invests in its people. Working with this organization, I felt as if this is my own family business. I think my team have the same feeling. We always think about what will benefit dtac customers the most within dtac’s available resources. That’s the balance we seek in our work. The most important skill is the art of negotiation, because when we deal with our partners, we need to manage our available resources to get a deal where all parties enjoy the most benefit.”

“Our team is like a gift box giving happiness to clients.”

“Our team is like a box of gifts giving delight and joy to our clients and the happiness comes back to our organization. When we expanded the partners from 3,000 to 25,000 shops, we saw that our clients post on their Instagram about the coffee they got from dtac reward. The most valuable incentive for us is the kind of pride you get from seeing that. We worked hard but our work is recognized by our clients, our peers and our management. At the end, dtac reward is a part of the whole organization, everyone can use it.”


“Our challenge is to balance between digital and analog.”

“Digitalization is the key for dtac to move forward. Everyone must have the same mission, but our challenge is the balance between digital and analog, because many customers are still accustomed with the old analog method. We have to gradually add the digital into it. Currently, we have a digital app, with dtac reward in it and the customers can get their privileges directly. We strive to provide the best possible customer experience, trying to meet the digital & lifestyle requirements, but we also need a balance between partners and customers. ”

“We have many strengths whether we will use it or not.”

“The biggest challenge is to deal with the fact that a key brand partner and a standalone shop are not the same. It’s more difficult with a key brand partner, of course, but with a small shop that is really popular, you can have a big impact. Take Jae Ow. We had to convince her to be our partner, and show how we could expand her client base. She might have a group of clients who are accustomed to eating there, but we can bring new clients group via our available media, such as website, Facebook, Line accounts and apps. We have many strengths available, but it’s up to individual partners whether they we will use it or not.”



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