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The fastest way, and the yummiest, to discover a new culture

2 years ago, Benjamin Ozsanay and his two partners founded Cookly, a platform to apply for the cooking classes around the world. 


In brief, Cookly is agoda.com for cooking schools. It’s a one-stop shop for people who would like to learn cooking local foods. Cookly is a fast-growing startup that was part of the dtac accelerate program. And today, we’re going to focus on one of their star cooking classes, which includes a market tour.

This class is organized at the Silom Thai Cooking School. There are two sessions available each day. The morning session begins at 9 am and the afternoon session begins at 1:40pm. Starting with the raw materials selecting at the market, to see how Thai people buy raw materials and learn about the cultural differences. Then go back to cook at school. When finished, tasting their own cooking with the classmates. Each day has five dishes to learn from the following Thai famous dishes: Tom Yam Gung, Pad Thai, Lab Kai (Spicy minced chicken salad), Chicken Green Curry, Tod Man (Fish Cake), Beef Massaman Curry, Panaeng Curry, Green Papaya Salad, Thai Chicken Curry, and finish with a popular dessert as Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango.

This compact class has about ten students, and the chef instructor has a sense of humor. The overall atmosphere is quite intimate and friendly. What makes this class so special is that you have to start everything from scratch.



To make curry, you have to make the coconut milk. There is one class at a farm in Bali, you have to collect raw materials from the sources to cook. It is a truly farmtotable experience. And this class in Thailand, you have to go shopping before cooking. It’s not just learning the culture through cooking, but it is also another way to understand life in a sense,” says Benjamin Ozsanay, Co-Founder & CEO at Cookly.


“At the beginning of this year, we applied to this program,” says Benjamin of dtac accelerate. “It is the best experience we have ever had. We learned a lot from this project.  They had great speakers both from here and abroad. I met with several startup business owners. This is stuff you can’t learn in books.”

“dtac has also helped us in many subjects such as public relations and made our story spread through the media, such as television and magazines. We also did collaborations between dtac and Cookly, for example, the SIM cards for travelers.


As a Turkish-French kid growing up in Germany, Benjamin was fascinated by the differences in cultures. It is one of the reasons that he founded Cookly and hope it will help others to see the value and beauty of the difference of every culture. Foreigners from various countries who apply to cooking classes through Cookly want to learn something new, too.


But Cookly is not for foreigners only, it’s also for Thais. Besides Bangkok, Cookly is available in many countries, i.e. Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Morocco. If you have a chance to visit there, and wanted to learn the local life through the local food, you can search for a class at www.cookly.me, or Facebook: Cookly, then let the food be the learning medium of the local culture.


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