a day at dtac hea:Dline

This is the internal human resources application you’ve been waiting for

The Plearn application is both a path to employee digitalization and a shining example of how to digitalize existing processes.

We sat down and talked with Khun Pichai Wongsangasri, Head of Knowledge Management Unit, or KM, about the challenges during each step of designing the ‘digital experience’ or DEE (Digital Employee Experience) to all dtac employees.


Experience builder

“The front page of the Knowledge Management Unit. (KM) is an experience builder, trying to introduce the digitized experience to our employees, to get more exposure. What we are focusing right now is DEE (Digital Employee Experience) or how to help our employees embrace digitization as a part of their work and daily life. The obvious evidence is all those new tools that we created, such as Plearn application, to offer the most digital experience exposure to our employees.”

Enjoy the digitalization

“This year we have upgraded Plearn app. We had not changed the look and feel of this tool since it launched three years ago. This new release is more user friendly. It is a channel for employees to earn knowledge more easily.  They can find everything they need there.

Adding new features is the ultimate digital

  • Onboarding – A menu for our new comers or the first day for new employees. All the necessary and important information is provided for the orientation.
  • Learn – Large learning hub with many Self-Learning courses for our employees to log in and learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Coins – Points Collecting menu, as an incentive reward, to create more motivation for employees.

“Actually, we already had a lot of features but we asked our staff to see if they need anything to be added. Whatever is good, we keep it. Whatever is trendy, we will add it, such as the augmented reality that new employees can aim at the picture of Khun Lars Norling, our CEO, then a welcoming video for our new employees will pop up. In the future, there might have new features like virtual reality or a coins system, to make Plearn feel a bit more like a game, and as a motivation for our employees.”

The change of knowledge 

“Learning has evolved. Previously, we were studying in the classroom. But nowadays, we promote the Self-Learning model, anywhere, anytime, even on your phone. As dtac digitalizes for its customers, it’s important to train up our staff. Our salespeople, for example, are all over the country. Years ago, we had to gather them all into convention halls for big training courses. Now, we just develop the contents on new promotion packages and feed it to them instantly through videos and mobile training. Speed is key in telecommunications. Our fast learning model is needed to keep up with our actual business model. ”

The best learning is self-learning

“Having a learning tool may not be enough, the student’s passion is also required. The Knowledge Management Unit can only provide them those learning tools and contents, but all of us have to urge ourselves to learn. That’s more important. Our goal now is to create tools and contents available for them. The rest is down to gradually encouraging our employees to use these tools and gain more digital experience.”

Change must start from DNA

“The main goal of the company is to be the top digital brand, thus, we have to start internally first. One of our team mission is to promote digitization, the Plearn application is a part of it. In the future, other features will be added, such as using mobile phone to access the office, instead of using a key card. We will use mobile phone execute printing online, book and check into meeting rooms, etc. All of these come from our new DNA: be daring, act fast, think different, passion to win.”


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