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dtac 4G by the numbers


It’s been over four years since the launch of 4G LTE in Thailand in 2013. No one can imagine how smartphones would proliferate in a few short years. Internet has graduated to VDO streaming, VR and other such data-hungry uses. It is now fully embedded in Thai people’s lives.

In four years, Thailand 4G coverage has vastly progressed, and so has dtac’s. OpenSignal, a data crowd-sourcing platform on carrier signal quality, conducted its first state of mobile networks report for Thailand. The study focused on the 3G and 4G experience offered by three major players – AIS, True and dtac – drawing on more than 407 million tests collected from nearly 28,000 mobile devices in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Here are some key findings on dtac’s performance.

  • dtac’s 4G is available to 4G LTE users 75% of the time.
  • dtac is number one in Thailand for network responsiveness, with delays of only 33.6 milliseconds on dtac’s 4G network and 70.4 ms on its 3G networks.
  • Due to spectrum scarcity, Thailand’s 4G download speeds compare poorly with the world, which stood at 16.6 Mbps on average. Thailand’s download speeds are around 8-11 Mpbs.
  • dtac tied for first spot in Thailand for 3G download speeds, with 2.5 Mpbs download speeds. However, Thailand still lags behind the global 3G average of 4.4 Mbps.
  • The average download speed for both 3G and 4G tested by users was measured at 5 Mpbs for dtac.
  • dtac tied for telco with the fastest 4G download speeds in Southern and Northeastern Thailand.



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