:Dreamteam a day at dtac

The people who never get New Year’s Eve off so we can stay connected

Most of us look forward to taking time off with friends and family for New Year's eve. But this team from dtac don't get the night off. Meet the call center staff and engineers who dedicate Dec 31st to ensure smooth connections for dtac's customers.

We spoke to ‘Oil’ – Pakinee Wiboonnat, Assistant Director of Customer Care, ‘Yui’ -Sumarine Yai Pho and ‘Maew’ – Surachai Waewwong, Senior Manager, Call Center, including ‘King’ – Piman Pornman, VP of Network Operation Center team, about working on New Year’s Eve.


“We do not work alone. We co-work.”

We do not work alone. We work with other teams. Our work starts when the customer reaches out to the call center, we will solve any basic problems for the customer, and if the case is more complex, we will pass it to the call center support team as well as dtac’s engineers to investigate and solve the problems.

Our unit is like dtac’s eyes.”

Our unit (Network Operation Center: NOC) is the eyes of dtac, to monitor the signal and the unusual situations that might interrupt our services. Our team works 24 hours a day, in shifts, and with no regular holidays on the calendar. We work with the abnormalities, and there is some stress, but the goal of our team is to fix the problems as quickly as possible.

Once the world becomes digital, customers’ behavior changed.”

Five to six years ago, mobile Internet was not in such heavy use. Most problems were related to SMS delays. Once the world stepped into the digital era, behaviors changed, and the problems they encountered changed. Now, they are sending new year wishes through social media channels.

That change is what we look at to prepare for the new year. We prepare a basic network management, based on the statistics of the previous year, how the Internet and the telephone signal were used, how many key countdown spots, transportation terminals, and the major airports that we have to cover. And we make sure all that works smoothly.

Even if we are  well prepared, we need to stand by to see if anything goes wrong. We get the information from the call center support team, review the problems then quickly roll out a solution.


I spend my New Year’s Eve at the office almost every year.”

At the beginning, whoever came to work in this department would feel inconvenienced about the whole thing: “It’s a holiday, why do we have to work? What are we doing here, why are we not with our family?”

But then I started to think that the customer is also like our family. If they need to use a telephone signal on this day but it is impossible, it would be very bad. Especially, it’s a special night that they stay with the people closest to them.

And so my thoughts changed, I became proud to be part of the team that allows for over 20 million customers to enjoy a special night while staying connected.

New Year is not different from an ordinary day

In a way, New Year’s Day is no different from any other work day. We try to work well every day, with the same goal, that is to solve problems for our customers promptly. Even though the festive season may be somewhat exciting, how we work is not different. We still take care of everything as usual, probably more than usual, because it is the time that customers are happy, celebrating with their family. We want them to enjoy our services smoothly. That’s the best New Year’s gift for us.


“Everyone must work together

What does “dream team” mean to us? To make a dream come true, everyone in dtac must work together. dtac has been doing this for a while, working with other departments. When we have the same goal, everyone will see the same destination. Once everyone helps each other, they become a dream team.


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