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Top 10 New Year gift ideas from the dtac Smart Farmers

The year 2017 will be passing by, at the end of the year, most of the people are looking for gifts to their friends, family and loved ones. If you do not have an idea for this 2018 gift, we have good products from the dtac Smart Farmer project introducing to you. A good product with good quality that would make your beloved ones have a broad happy smile.

The dtac Smart Farmer which was established by dtac and the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in 2014, is intended to increase the potential of Thai farmers and introduce farmers to technology, be able to access useful information, to plan production, operations, and marketing to best serve the consumer. We have selected some of the greatest products they produce to give you some ideas for your New Year gifts.


#1 Ozone Farm

Ozone Farm was established by Khun Pichet Kantawong, a new generation farmer in Chiang Rai province, focusing on non-toxic fruits and vegetables.  He produced various kinds of products, such as Japanese melon, figs, strawberries, raspberries, morning glory, and cherry tomatoes.

Besides the fresh and non-toxic produces, Ozone Farm also has other processed products like Natural Melon soap, made from Japanese melon, presented in a lovely package. The most important thing is that it’s also clean, safe and non-toxic.


#2 Sirinut Betta Farm

From a common farmer, Khun Sirinut Chimplee has turned herself into a betta fish (Siamese fighting fish) farmer. Her farm in Nakhon Pathom province is now famous for the gorgeous range of varieties she offers. Her customers even come from abroad.

Besides the beautiful colors of her fish, Sirinut also looks to make sure you can take good care of them. Her farm also makes fermented fish herbs, that make the betta fish strong and healthy.


#3 Organic Island by Suanphet

Inspired by the works of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Khun Suphisa Maikhuntos, the owner of Organic Island by Suanphet island or Organic Island in Phetchaburi province, uses her 20 rais of land to produce organic vegetables and fruits, with over 100 species combined.

Some of her produces is freshly made to be used in her resort and some are processed products, which are suitable to be a New Year gift, whether it is tea or jam that comes in a lovely packaging.


#4 Lung Glae durian garden

Another interesting brand from the Smart Farmer project is Lung Glae durian garden in Rayong, owned by Khun Nithipatra Thong-on. He applied technologies to his businesses, reaching consumers through online media, use Farmer Info application to monitor the movement of market prices of agricultural products, use weather forecast application to plan the harvest etc.

The famous product from Lung Glae durian garden cannot be anything other than durian chips.


#5 Rai Suk Phoang

‘Happy Sharing’ is the slogan of Rai Suk Phoang. The Earth Safe Learning Center, a Thai Path Organic, owned by Khun Apiwas Sukphoang, who focuses on agriculture development with technology, and applied the Royal Initiative of King Rama 9 to his agriculture production then come up with quality products such as Yanang tea, Dried Banana, and Thong Muan (Thai rolled wafer), etc. If you are looking for snack as a new year gift is, the desserts from the farm are quite interesting.


#6 Aromatic Farm

For the product of Ratchaburi, look to Aromatic Farm, owned by Khun Nuanlaor Terdkiatkul, the manufacturer of the world best non-toxic coconut products. This farm takes care to yield their standard and high-quality products, such as granulated coconut milk and fresh green coconut juice- ready to drink.

It’s a healthy gift for your parents or relatives because the fragrance green coconut has memory boosting properties.


#7 Rai Phuang Sap

Rice berry Rice from Rai Phuang Sap is a 5- star product of Suphan Buri Province, produced by Khun Siriporn Thiangsantia, who wants to change the old style of farming that using chemicals to eliminate pests, and practice non-toxic farming instead. At the same time, maintain to use those good local innovations such as rice drying and human labor. Not only this rice creates revenue for the community, but it is high quality rice that you can keep longer.


#8 By Jai

Khun Chalermpong Chartwattana is a progressive farmer in Songkhla province, who transformed the degraded area into a goat farm. He also uses technology to calculate the food formula that makes the goats grow stronger.

His products, whether goat milk soap or pasteurized goat milk, are under the brand ‘By Jai’. There is also goat milk ice cream with chocolate and strawberry flavors, it can be a New Year’s gift or a dessert at the party as well.


#9 Golden Cordyceps

After 10 years of mushroom farming, Khun Narin Phuongthong turned her attention to cordyceps when she was sick with kidney disease. Cordyceps, sometimes known as Chinese caterpillar fungus, is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat people with chronic kidney disease.

It can be eaten fresh or processed into many products, such as soap, body lotion, and nutritional supplements.


#10 Terb-to (Grown) / ALFAMA

Finally, this is a smart farmer from Chiang Mai province, Khun Jirawan Khamsao, owner of ‘Terb-to (grown)’, the organic fertilizer produced from Mycorrhizal and Rhizobium fungi that helps promote the growth of plants and prevent disease.

The founder of ‘ALFAMA’, organic cordyceps- vegetarian formula supplements, which helps increase oxygenation in the blood, suitable for the runners, the cyclists, the patients with pressure disease, and those who want to revitalize the body, etc. Khun Jirawan uses technology innovation and her Ph.D.’s knowledge to develop the best quality for her both products.

See more information and more products at dtacsmartfarmer.com. And we wish you a very happy new year 2018.



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