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5 Hidden Street Food Gems in dtac HQ’s neck of the wood

Bangkok is known as a city that never sleeps and also a city that never stops eating. Samyan, dtac headquarter located, is the neighborhood which is also packed with hundreds of food stalls. You can grab a bite here at any hour of the night or day, as long as you know where to look.

This issue of aday at dtac gathers and recommends 5 hidden street food gems in Samyan that might pop you the idea on where to have lunch or dinner.

Saphan Laung Duck Noodles

This open-air food stall on the area called Saphan Luang is a place to visit for mouthwatering braised duck served in hot pot, a dish loaded with chewy strands and rich flavors. Try Hong Kong Kales with oyster sauce eat with steamed rice or egg noodles. Don’t forget to dip with its sour chili sauce that will make it tastier.

This food stall is located on Soi Kij Panich, where Siam Commercial Bank is situated at the corner. Warning: you may get a very long queue during lunch time, please book a table in advance.

Address: 66/108 Soi Kij Panich , Mahapruetaram, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Open – Close: 9: 00-16: 00 hrs.

Phone Number: 089-898-8415

Price:  ฿


Soi Sawang’s Pork Satay

Walk down a bit further from the duck noodles, you will confronted a 3-storey shop house at the corner with the big yellow signage in the front. The 50-year old satay house is a true master in the art of barbequed pork satay.

The satay is marinated in a mixture of coconut milk, turmeric and dry spices. It comes with a relish made from red onion, cucumber and mild chilies in a sweet and tart dressing. The peanut sauce is sweet and slightly spicy, which is its prominent secret sauce. Don’t forget to order grilled toast and dip with peanut butter.  Warning: car park is not available.

Address: Corner of Soi Sawang 6, Sawang Road, Bangkok

Open – Close: 12: 00 21:00hrs.

Phone Number: 02-236-2059

Price: Pork Satay 8 Baht per piece/ Grilled toasted 5 Baht


Ru-Yi Vegetarian Food

In the alleys full with metal scrapers and motorcycle workshop, this vegetarian restaurant is situated nearby Hua Lum Phong train terminal. It’s considered one of the best all-year vegetarian cuisine powerhouse in Thailand with extensive menu written in Thai, Chinese and English. It’s like normal restaurant but features only vegetarian dish.

Its signature menu ranges pork knuckle salad, spicy ginger fish, fried spicy duck and ham curry with egg noodles. Don’t forget, they are all vegetarian. However, you may not feel you are having non-meat cuisine. This place is a truly smorgasbord of divine Thai Chinese all vegetarian food specialties.

The restaurant is located right around the corner from the Hua Lamphong MRT station. Take exit #3 and head backwards, away from the train station to get to Soi Phraya Singhaseni. Then it’s just 50 meters down the road on your right hand side.

Address: 285 Rama IV Rd., Phraya Sing Seni, Bangkok

Open – Close: 10: 00-21:00hrs.

Phone Number: 02-219-1721

Price: ฿ ฿


Blood Cake Soup (Soi Chula 50)

This dish is probably strange for those foreigners, who do not eat entrails. Actually, western delicacy, especially in the UK and European countries, also serves this with its English breakfast. So how’s Asian?

In Thailand, we normally serve a piece of blood cake in noodle soup. The cake doesn’t have a strong taste. In contrast, its texture adds a nice touch to the soup along with other entrails, including liver, marinated pork and green lettuce. While the soup itself was made from pork stock, flavored with salt, garlic, sugar, coriander and pepper. The more spicy the more tasty.

You can get this stall via Soi Chulalongkorn 15 from Rama 4 Road, passing Ei Pochana (a Chinese estaurant), which has a small alley go to the Chinese court inside. Then turn left, walk down and finally you’ll confronted this exotic food stall.

Address: Soi Chula 15 Rama Road 4, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok , 10330

Opening and closing hours: 10:00-21:00hrs.

Phone Number: 089 – 496 – 7598

Price: ฿


Ae Seafood

Just a few walks from the Machine star’s Bib Gourmand, Jay Oh, on Ban Thad Thong road, Ae seafood is the place for those who look for fresh seafood at bargain-basement prices. Its menu is varied from Blanched Cockle, Stir-Fried Squid with Scrambled Egg, Baked Mussel with Cheese, Stir-Fried Clam, etc.

What we want to recommend is “Fried fish with fish cause”, which is already filleted and crispy but stay juicy. This place will make you feel like sitting next to the sea with fresh ingredients.

Ae Seafood is located at Soi Chula 20, with a notable shop sign. The parking lot is at your own risk whether it’s available or not. This restaurant is closed on the 16th of every month.

Address: 1664 Bantad Thong Rd., Rongmuang, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Open – Close: 17:30-23:30hrs.

Phone Number: 081 – 619- 1924

Price: ฿




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