Why dtac’s call center was crowned the best in Thailand.

Each year, the Consumer Protection Board of Thailand celebrates the best call centers in each industry. The 2017 winner of “The Consumer Protection Thailand Call Center Award” for the telecommunications business category is dtac. We spoke to its head, Virat Jaruchoktaweechai, about what it takes to be number one:

What do you tell your staff to get them in a service frame of mind?

Always put yourself in the customers’ shoes. Our training focuses on care, dedication, and commitment to solve customers’ problems with utmost courtesy and a smile, while paying attention to every detail. Sincerity is key, so the dtac call center team must be able to provide personalized recommendations and services openly and honestly, without any kind of hard selling. Normally, if customers are not satisfied for whatever reason, they can just walk away from dtac without giving us an opportunity to fix the problem. Therefore, customers who tell us about their problem are those who care. We must be grateful when someone cares about us and gives us a chance to help them. We must do our best for them. It is not because it is our job, but it is what we should do for a family member.dtac call center3How has your job evolved in the past few years?

It is important to keep up with customer trends and adapt accordingly. dtac call center collects and studies data based on customer contacts received online to understand and respond to the changing behavior of the digital generation who increasingly use the Internet and social media. dtac has therefore transformed to modernize its services from traditional to digital and has used service design techniques to develop new services, such as Chatbots, to improve the efficiency of dtac call center team responding to customers on social networks, such as Facebook, LINE Official, SMS, and dtac application. Chatbots will become an essential tool for answering customer questions, allowing call center agents to spend more time on complicated issues and learning new skills. dtac also plans to introduce new self-service technologies to shorten service turnaround time and allow customers to customize the service according to their needs. In addition, service design techniques are used to design new services to meet market demands.

How do you measure your performance?

dtac uses an international standard for services and tools, including “Customer Satisfaction Survey” (CSAT) and “Net Promoter Score” (NPS) to measure the performance in order to improve the standard of services for customers’ better experience. More than 90% of problems or complaints get a response within 24 hours. In addition to network monitoring by the engineering team (NPS Network), dtac also sends out SMS satisfaction surveys to collect customer feedback on their experience with the dtac network. The result is used to analyze problems and root causes and identify preventive actions.

dtac call center4
Mr. Andrew Kvalseth EVP, Head of Marketing Group, and Mr.Virat Jaruchoktaweechai SVP, Head of Customer Call Service Division, dtac
dtac call center5
Mr.Virat Jaruchoktaweechai SVP, Head of Customer Call Service Division, DTAC received “The Consumer Protection Thailand Call Center Award” for telecommunications business category from the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Suwapan Tanyuwattana


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