“dtac call” app which bundles 5 SIMs in one mobile phone now available on iOS

The revolutionary “dtac call” app, which allows dtac customers to use voice call and SMS over any connection, both at home and abroad, is now available on iOS. The app was first launched for Android phones last year with over 130,000 downloads and received glowing reviews due to its breakthrough functionality. To this day, it is the only app of its kind in Thailand.

  • dtac call allows one smartphone to support up to 5 phone numbers for making and receiving calls or SMS.
  • While some apps offer some form of Wi-Fi calling, this functions over any connection, such as third party SIM purchase abroad.
  • Users can therefore make any online purchases or transactions that require authentication via OTP SMS, even when they are abroad.
  • dtac call users can make calls to fixed-line and mobile numbers from any 5 numbers registered in the application. When making calls to a local number from abroad, international country and long distance codes are not required. Moreover, recipients can receive calls in a regular manner without any extra applications.
  • Calls placed via dtac call are charged according to regular package allowances and local rates, even when the app is used abroad. This means a customer purchasing roaming for one number, can then use the dtac call app to use all their dtac numbers as if in Thailand.
  • Users can receive the privileges from dtac reward from every number registered to the “dtac call” app through only one smartphone.

Developed using an agile, iterative process that kept customers closely involved, the app is extremely simple and easy to use. Features are continually being add, such ass an SMS service for missed calls or unwanted calls. Simply dial *366# to set incoming call settings.

dtac call003Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer at Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said “The launching of dtac call on Android at the end of last year was very successful and received a massive welcome from customers with over 130,000 downloads. dtac also learned that 25 percent of our customers made and took international calls via WiFi Calling when they were abroad. Using dtac call, they were charged with the same rate as their subscribed promotions. They also love it since only one mobile phone can carry their multiple SIMs. Presently, most people have multiple SIMs for work numbers, family numbers, lucky numbers, and so on.”

dtac call is now available for iOS smartphones at App Store. dtac expects that the app will be a hit among iOS users and aims for more than 300,000 downloads by the end of this year. It is also available for Android users on Google Play.dtac call002

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