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The real results of dtac’s digital transformation

After embarking on a path to digital transformation in 2016, dtac has already made numerous achievements to cement its leadership in this field.


  • Our digital revenue increased by over 10 times in 2017.
  • 30 percent of SMS queries and 40 percent of Facebook queries are now answered by chatbots. 
  • We have the largest online community for a brand in Thailand. dtac community gets 1.4 million page views per month.
  • We’ve reached almost 80 percent penetration for the dtac app with relevant customers (medium- to high-data users with smartphones).
  •  Our ads on Google perform up to 10 times better than the industry average thanks to our highly advanced responsive marketing.
  • 30% of our topping sales come from our AI-powered in-app recommendations. 
  • dtac accelerate achieves 70% follow-on funding (versus a 20% regional average)

These numbers don’t just reflect that dtac is doing very well. They reflect that our customers are thrilled with our digital services.


  • We have over 10 agile teams who work cross-functionally in two-week sprints.
  • We have world-class machine learning and data science competencies: not only in-house but also thanks to support from Telenor, close partnerships with Google and Facebook, and a newly launched AI lab with Thammasat.
  • We are upskilling across the whole company thanks to our 40-hour challenge, which allows all employees to use cross-platform digital platform to study analytics, design thinking the agile method and much more.
  • We just switched from a KPI performance review system to a strength-based model, which is much more project-oriented and flatter, since you can be reviewed by your staff, colleagues in other functions or managers other than your own.
  • We plan to hire 200 digital talents from 2018-2020

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