TOT and DTN sign agreement to launch 4G LTE-TDD on 2300 MHz spectrum for first time in Thailand

April 23, 2018 – TOT and TeleAssets (a subsidiary of dtac TriNet) and dtac TriNet have today signed the Lease of Telecommunication Equipment Agreement and Domestic Roaming Service Agreement to launch the country’s first 4G LTE-TDD network on the widest bandwidth of 60 MHz in 2300 MHz spectrum. This makes the deal a major breakthrough for Thailand’s digital infrastructure to materialize the vision of Thailand 4.0 endorsed by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-O-Cha to reduce inequalities and promote universal access as per the 20-year national economic and social development plan. The new collaboration will also serve the rapid growth of Thailand’s mobile users and stimulate a long-term business opportunity for state enterprise TOT.TOT-DTAC_4381Under the collaborative framework, which lasts through 2025, TOT will lease telecommunication equipment from TeleAssets, a subsidiary of dtac TriNet, to build a network for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) including Fixed Wireless Broadband and Mobile Broadband. TOT will use a portion of the network capacity to provide its services to customers and to drive the government’s digitization policy. The remaining network capacity will be used by dtac TriNet through the roaming agreement under which TOT will receive an annual revenue stream of 4.51 billion baht.TOT-DTAC_4355Dr. Montchai Noosong, President, TOT Public Company Limited, said, “TOT would like to thank the Committee of the State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO) for passing the policy and administration plan and the Board of Directors of TOT for allowing TOT to operate under a rehabilitation plan to revive the organization. We would also like to thank the NBTC for giving TOT an opportunity to optimize the 2300 MHz spectrum with state-of-the-art technology in providing voice, data, and multi-media services. Most importantly, TOT thanks the Office of the Attorney General for providing comments and observations that helped us finalize the contract.”

dtac Trinet was selected out of six participants in the partner selection process to become TOT’s partner in providing wireless broadband service on the 2300 MHz spectrum. The selection process, done in a transparent and controlled manner and supervised by global partner selection experts Detecon and PrimeStreet Advisory, started in late 2016 and used a comprehensive selection criteria, including technology, experience, and commercial return, to ensure that the selected partner would be able to deliver the service and provide a stable revenue stream for TOT for years to come.

Mr. Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “This major collaboration with TOT to optimize Thailand’s widest bandwidth of 60MHz in 2300MHz spectrum will immensely improve consumers’ digital experiences through greater speeds, more capacity and even smoother network services. The use of valuable 2300MHz spectrum is a significant effort to uplift Thailand’s competitive position in ASEAN and promote quality of life in our rapidly evolving digital society.”

aDSC_4260“dtac would like to extend its thanks to all the stakeholders who made the agreement possible, the Committee of the State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO), the Board of Directors of TOT and the NBTC. We are grateful for the opportunity dtac has been given to work with TOT on pushing Thailand’s digital transformation forward,” said Mr. Norling.

Throughout the contract preparation phase, TOT is pleased to have worked with dtac TriNet who is fully committed to digitalizing Thailand and empowering society. The collaboration between TOT and dtac TriNet will bring enormous benefit to the country and strengthen sustainable growth for both parties. In accordance with the Thailand 4.0 policy, TOT is committed to supporting the development of the country’s digital infrastructure, both mobile and wireless broadband, to promote and develop new business opportunities in all sectors. TOT and dtac TriNet have worked together to develop and deliver a new business model with innovations that enhance digital capabilities for the people, government agencies, and the private sector.

4G LTE-TDD on 2300MHz spectrum network will maximize the use of frequency resources due to the benefits of Time Division Duplex (TDD) technology. TDD uses a single frequency band to transmit and receive data, allowing a more optimized utilization of the spectrum depending on data consumption. According to a GSMA Intelligence study, deployment of LTE-TDD networks among operators globally are increasing significantly with a projection of TDD share of global LTE connections at 22% by 2020.aDSC_4257aDSC_4386aDSC_4284TOT-DTAC_4317TOT-DTAC_4396

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