dtac brings digitalization to its pre-paid customers through a redesigned app

dtac has redesigned its app for pre-paid customers, with aims to double the app’s penetration in that group. It marks a new focus on a segment which, compared to post-paid subscribers, was traditionally considered lagging in terms of digitalization.

The app was redesigned through surveys and prototyping to include features responding to the specific needs of pre-paid customers. In particular, the app allows instant access to detailed historical accounts of all the activity on the customer’s account.

“We thought pre-paid customers might just want to see the balance of their account. But actually they expect the full details of their account, just as they would on a banking app,” said Nuttee Sakkullapat, VP, Head of dtac App & Digitalization Department.

Among pre-paid customers, data usage has increased from 3.8GB per month in 2016 to 7GB now, which comes with major shifts in behavior. But penetration of the dtac app among pre-paid customers is still lagging. Fewer than 30 percent of those with mid to high-end smartphones have downloaded it. By comparison, over 70 percent of equivalent post-paid subscribers have downloaded the app.IMG_6945“The view that prepaid customers aren’t digital is very outdated,” said Nuttee Sakkullapat, VP, Head of dtac App & Digitalization Department. “Actually we have over nine million pre-paid customers using advanced smartphones. That’s about double the number of equivalent post-paid customers. So we wanted to find out why they’re not using our app as much as post-paid customers.”

The team working on the app used the “agile method” and “design thinking,” which are software development processes made popular by Silicon Valley’s startups. The result is that the app evolves every few weeks, instead of releasing major updates on a yearly basis.IMG_6936For 2018, dtac’s digital team will continue to focus heavily on its apps for both pre- and post-paid customers. For instance, dtac is currently the only telco in Thailand to offer a 10% discount on all pre-paid top-ups paid for from within the app. And the dtac app recommendation engine uses highly-advanced machine learning algorithms, allowing it to drive 30 percent of top-up sales.

Ultimately, it all serves dtac’s ambitions to allow customers to enjoy digital services from the comfort of their phone.

The dtac app is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.



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